First blog post

This is my very first post.The reason i start this to make friends, gain knowlage and share my knowlage to u all.If you like this, please support me guys. I realy realy appreciate your thougts about me and for your kind support.With a smile now,a very good day 2 u all. Have a nice day.



Again to CH

Yesterday sunday 9.9.18 was my trip…….

Again to Cameron Highlands…

But this time, i had an enjoyable trip at there, not only with my family members plus with my cousins too.

1st day task… i went to my uncle’s house and his farm

Then we went to the apartment……..went to night market and finally sleep

One next day morning 6.00am, i had capture the breath taking moment by watching the sun rise. Acually the snowy little cloud is covering the sun from rising

Then, we went to the Boh estate,starbery park….

U can see many dogs. When i went there for the first time, i saw the dog as a puppy… and now it is grown up. Happy to see him again

Finally, we went to the water fall

The end, now i am at home..preparing this little post to publish here. Hope u all enjoy again

My state level thirumurai competition

Hey frenz,

I am glad to say that my group won the first prize again. This was my second year participating in this competition.

Next is national level. I hope my group wins the 1st again as last year”THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS”.

The group which won the first in district and state only can join the national competition.

Yesterday, sunday 27th August 2018 is the best day of my life. I and my group members will always keep practising because practice makes perfect.

That all for now frenz. See you then in a new title. Thank you

My thirumurai competition

Thirumurai is an hinduism council’s songs about god.

So yes last year was my first year joining this competition. Last year my group was the malaysia champion finalist. But unfortunately, last year as a solo contestent i won 2nd place at districts but i didnt get place at state because i forget the lyrics. I dont know how that happen suddenly in panic i guess.

This year as my second year in solo i won 1st place in districts and my group also managed to get the 1st place again.

The state competition this year will held on 26 of August.

I hope i didn’t forget the lyrics this year and wish my group to be the champion in national level too this year….

Lets see

A secret which will blow your mind

Hi frenz,

If you had read my last blog which is my fiend part 1 and 2, i had mentioned there that i had a same age sister. Now we both are 16 years old and studying in the same secondary school n class. Was that amazing? Not for me either her.

Sometimes when people know that we both are sisters they will be wandering blankly by asking thousands of questions that will make us both feel angry sometimes . For an example, they will ask are u from same mother or are u adopted……. (yes like that people will ask)

Hey frenz, are u thinking like that. Pls don’t because i or my sister were not adopted. We are from same blood.

As usual i will give some explanation to the”people” who ask us that kind of questions which will upset us.

First and foremost, i as the elder child blow my candles on 4th of February and she blows her candle on 28th of september (2002).

Moreover, she is a premature baby. I hope u guys know what is “premature baby”. This made her to born quickly because her body parts and organ are already successfully formed. As a premature baby and a normal baby(its me).

Lastly, i hope your confusion is cleared. If there are many question tgat u wanted to ask me, do ask. I am glad to answer to it.

See u then….. BYE

My friend part 2

Hey friends, hope u read my friend part 1…..

So of cause that trouble was over till this year bloomed up…2k18…..

I am 16 this year… well we move on to the chapter.

I received a call at 12 midnight from kisha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaso. I was like shocked a bit in wandering blankly….. but awviusly it was my birthday….she was the first person who wished me.I was even more happy when she gift me a watch. So for a preparation i need buy a gift for kisha although her birthday was on june 1st.

But unfortunately, i didnt give the gift to her because i had know her true face.

But i wish her at 12, when her birthday….

This character named nivi can be called as poissen bottle.

When i and kisha have small small misunderstanding, this girl nivi will brain wash her. I dont know what see will tell…… if i talk about nivi….. it would be a big story…. who cares for her attitude..

But one thing, because of her i get to know another face of kisha.i get to know that kisha is using me. It know it was very embarrassing what i had been fooled these days…. anyways i just want to recovered from the bad energy and move on….

This story will be continued in my next chapter …. as a school prefect what i am facing with kisha,nivi and the gang. Today i had faced one(talking bad behind me instead of talking it infront of me,so i we could finish this trouble easily without misunderstanding ), lets see tomorrow.

My friend part 1

This is my true story which i wanted to ask u guys whether i take the right decision.

When i was 13, i met her. She was first class and i was second class. Her name is kisha who already had a friend in second class which was my classmate named priya. I had talk to priya but not that close relationship.

When i was 14 , i get to know more about priya and we become a good friend.i also get to know kisha by priya who is my classmate.

When i was 15, here where the trouble starts like no ending. Kisha didn’t talk to us[me and priya including my sister who is same age with me and same class with me.] This made us to not talk to kisha because we though that.she does not want to talk to us because of her new friend named nivi. I thought it was just a misunderstanding but it was wrong. It’s because i had heard a wrong gossip about me, my sis and priya by kisha. So to reduce the problem from getting a disaster i message her by asking why u are telling wrong gossips to all about me, my sis and priya. Then she replied for my message by saying all the fault is yours not mine.Although her message made me angry[because i didnt do anything wrong) i just replied sorry if i did any mistake that her u the next day i suggested my sis and priya to talk to kisha. The following days went peace….Fuuhhh, the problem was sloved.


no no it dosen’t end

~~~~Stay tune~~~~~



The rape and murder case of eight-year-old girl Asifa in Indian-occupied Kashmir have left people divided not just in the region but also in India itself. Celebrities too have voiced their solidarity with Kashmiris condemning the brutal torture the little girl had to go through before she was mercilessly killed. And apparently all over a land dispute and religious animosity.

The gang rape of little Asifa was allegedly a ploy used to scare the small Muslim herding community away from the area. While as horrifying as it is to even imagine any individual resorting to raping and then murdering a little child over land dispute, it’s even mind-boggling to understand that a whole community, including a political party (the BJP) would come out in support of the alleged rapists.

While India holds vigils and trends #JusticeforAsifa on social media, can we truly eradicate this mindset from not just India but Pakistan as well? Can we truly make this earth safe for our children, especially when democracy is marred by political uncertainties and religion is used to obtain power?