Why are you crying?

Crying because of me?


Now i got it.

You teared,

Because of my argument,

But why?

I just fight for my rights,

That does’nt mean to hurt you,

I always love you,

And think of your happiness,

If you’re worry of my argument,

Then its fine,

I will stop to arguing,

But mom remember,

This is to make you happy,

Your happiness is mine,

If you are sad,

Of my attitude,

Then i will change myself,

To a new person,

Whom you love,

I know you always love me,

But i wonder why,

Can’t you obey my feelings,

Sometime its hurts,

But from now i am gonna change myself,

For you,

And for your happiness,

I will not question why anymore,

With love,

I will be you new girls

By obeying your words,

As my daily life quotes,

😉with love


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