Missing soul

Deep in the ocean,

A small heart beating,

But no one knows,

Who is she?

The soulful body,

And the big round eyes,

Which is,

Filled with loneliness,

No one to talk,

Or to share feelings,

Like a missing soul,

Although there is one,

But always a fight,

Makes her feel upset,

When no one understand,

That little heartbeat,

Beats faster,

She starts to cry,

But no one knows,

Its all because,

There were no one,

To understand her,


That little heart stop beating,

Her life is now controlled,

She felt uncomfortable,

She felt very tight,

Now slowly her lovely voice,

Became disappear,

Now the oceon is quite,

Without knowing ,

She is missing.


5 thoughts on “Missing soul

  1. jeevanjotghuman

    Amazing !

    Liked by 1 person

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